Monday, 29 December 2008

Finally - I have a proper ALM demo environment

Yes I know I haven't updated this blog for ages, but it does not mean I have been idle.... First I needed to fight bureaucrats to get funds to acquire hardware for something they can't appreciate, then I had to install and configure an environment. Here is where I am at:

1) The hardware

After consulting with our local IT Pro and other illustrious technical folks, I decided to buy a Shuttle with a Quad Core CPU and 8GB of RAM. The decision criteria were simple a) small form factor to be able to carry the box around, b) enough grunt to run an entire ALM demo environment. Here it is:

2) The software environment

To be able to explore, learn about (and ultimately demo) ALM in its entirety I needed to setup an environment. I chose Windows Server 2008 and HyperV as the base infrastructure - and I love it! The next step was to setup an ALM environment:

The environment is made up of an Office and Visual Studio client, a Domain Controller, a TFS Server, a Project Server and a System Center server. Eventually I plan to add Portfolio Server and PerformancePoint to the mix.

I guess I could have reused existing HyperV images, but I think it is invaluable to go through the full end-to-end process of setting up and configuring an environment.

This setup will allow me to explore all kinds of ALM integration scenarios and I plan to report about it on a regular basis - hopefully a lot more often than usual :-)

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